Patience (made by a 7 year old child)


Patience is so important you need to be patient everyday,because

you fast in ramadan so what do you do? Be patient because you

you have to learn to wait & its like waiting for a flower to grow or

waiting for your birthday this is all patience,but when you get frustrated

in waiting …thats another thing…so what do we do?of course patience

but something else do you know? you use your words, it helps but theres

a few more ways.

1.Take a deep breath

2.Use your words

3.Do something else







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10 Ramadan 2015: More than a Thousand Words

A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. – Denis Waitley



By the end of the first 10 days of Ramadan, most people’s bodies have gotten used to the new cycle of eating. Fasting, from food and drink,  becomes easy.

In an opposite fashion, by the end of the first 10 days of Ramadan, most people’s commitment to “fasting” from negative manners, behaviors and habits reaches a stage where one forgot the change they committed to.

One of the key inner changes is related to how we treat others, and that starts the first moment we see someone – a smile.

My mom smiled often – my mom even smiled on the day she departed this world onto the next one.

A lot of us find it hard to smile when we are focused on an issue or a matter at hand, but more often than not, smiling can actually help us think more clearly and may actually benefit us, it opens the doors to opportunities and for others to engage with us.

If fasting was of fasting from food and drink, that is one thing, but to reach the finish line in this blessed month, with stamina, we need to have taken control of our food, drink and soul.

In this second phase of Ramadan, the third of forgiveness, I seek forgiveness from god for all the times when we looked or acted “closed” towards others making them think we were “uncaring” and/or “non sharing”, leaving you with this:

I think that when you get dressed in the morning, sometimes you’re really making a decision about your behavior for the day. Like if you put on flipflops, you’re saying: ‘Hope I don’t get chased today.’ ‘Be nice to people in sneakers. – Demetri Martin

Smile …

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4 Ramadan 2012: Purity

A clean heart is a free heart – Mother Teresa

Having asked god to help us see the truth irrespective of our ideals in last night’s entry, we couldn’t skip over what we understand is a critical factor in making this happen, a state of purity, that is, in the heart.

As we go through life observing, listening and reflecting, we find that the need to have a pure heart comes up time and time again especially when our state of “inner peace” is shaken. This is because without purity, one cannot put aside ideals and self-built restrictive boundaries that are as a result of unexposed and unresolved “diseases” in our hearts ranging from hypocrisy, arrogance, jealousy, insecurity, etc…

We heard a scholar recently say that the way god answers our prayers when we seek specific character virtues is by exposing us to situations that force us to identify the current state of that virtue in our hearts forcing us to rectify and grow. On this blessed night, within the blessed month’s third of mercy, we ask god to mercifully give us the capability to identify diseases of our hearts, purify them and continue cleansing them until we acquire a set of good virtues.

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