30 Ramadan 2016: Three Key Changes

By changing nothing, nothing changes.– Tony Robbins


Today, on the last day of this blessed month, something weird happened … a lot of wrong things.

I was impatient … I procrastinated … I rushed … I was annoyed … I disregarded others … it was seriously a weird day.

I say weird because of the sheer irony.

After 29 days of trying to be a better person than I was before Ramadan, and after 29 days of recognizing my weaknesses with plans in place for how to deal with them after Ramadan…

Here I was on the last day doing THE THINGS I SAID I WOULD NOT DO AFTER RAMADAN!!!!!!

Then a dear friend reminded me that that in itself was a blessing.

As difficult as it was, I started to see that … I started to see that it was god’s way, within the blessed month, to reiterate the changes I need to make in my life.

… patience, priority, gentleness.

God was, is and will always be merciful.



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29 Ramadan 2016: Go through it

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

RLWhatever the fear is … whatever you worry about … whatever fears that others try to push on us … let us go through it.

I originally wanted to say that we should try overcome it or ignore it or look beyond it but in fact, I think going through it, i.e. recognizing it, analyzing it, choosing a position and acting to dispel the fear within ourselves, is the most effective way forward for humanity.

It is the only way that helps us see truth from lies and dispel strategies to control likes and dislikes to freedom to experience the beautiful aspects of life that fear rips away from us.

Today … I ask god … in the last blessed night of this glorious month, to help us recognize our fears and see them as fears and not as truths. I ask god to help us go through these fears without letting them stop us from living the best life we can.

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28 Ramadan 2016: What do we want?

Are these things really better than the things I already have? Or am I just trained to be dissatisfied with what I have now? ― Chuck Palahniuk

RLWhat do we really want?

I think, beyond colors, cultures and genders, we all just want to be happy.

While a stable state of happiness is not possible in that sense, it is possible to have a stable state of happiness if we accept the way things are, the way things come, the way things go … happiness is about acceptance.

Let us accept our spouses, accept our kids, accept our looks, accept our wealth, accept our friends, accept our jobs, … accept everything.

All of a sudden we will see that we live abundant lives full of blessings we can never thank god for.



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27 Ramadan 2016: STOP IT!!!!

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. – Brian Tracy

I am tired of it … both if I do it and if others do.

We have limited time on earth, how can we waste valuable time that some don’t have on empty complaints !

Yes! Empty complaints, no matter how sad they may be, as complaining is a mask for nothing but lack of decision making or movement even if it is a decision to do nothing.

Enough is enough! 

Following from the last post, we are not helpless! It is time to take action.

Get angry, be upset, feel sad, but understand that you have more choices than you think and let us ask ourselves … what is the lesson here? Is it something I did? Something I didn’t do? What would I do next time … and move on.

May we be grateful … may we be grateful … may we be grateful.

Use what god as given you in gratefulness … in doing good … in making the world a better place!


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26 Ramadan 2016: Always a Solution

Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it. – Niels Bohr

RLI always told my child that each and every problem had a solution and that there was no reason to feel helpless or crippled.

Even when all doors seem closed, we still have the door of god and supplication to turn to, meaning that there is ALWAYS a solution.

Of course, somewhere in between, I experienced a period in time when I  forgot this fact and I slowly started to slip into helplessness, sadness, feeling difficulty, negativity, and anger.

Then again, I observe my child go through some of their challenges and as I spoke the same “lecture” … I was actually reminding myself of the truth.

Then as I changed perspectives again and decided to seek solutions when problems occur, the sense of positivity and energy is beyond wonder.

On this blessed night, I pray that all of you (and I ) are always reminded of the power we have been given in our own lives, seeking solutions within the problems we are faced with without feeling helpless nor hopeless.



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25 Ramadan 2016: True Reliance

The more you go with the flow of life and surrender the outcome to God, and the less you seek constant clarity, the more you will find that fabulous things start to show up in your life. ― Mandy Hale

RLHave you tried to let go? Like really let go?

I am not talking about not moving forward or problem solving or setting goals, I am talking about doing these things without holding on to a specific expectation or outcome … truly letting go.

I thought I did … until I realized I didn’t … and then when I really needed help … I did that, and the results were amazing.

How would you feel if you knew, you just knew, that everything was going to turn out exactly how it should and in the best outcome for you?

How would you feel if you knew that no outcome will be bad no matter how it looks?

How would you feel if you knew that if you really needed help, there was always – and I mean always – someone there?

Exactly! You feel invincible!

Nothing beats relying on god, and I mean truly relying on god where you take the steps necessary to complete a task to fulfill a dream without any hesitation or fear but at the same time knowing that no matter what steps you take, the outcome may be totally different but that it will always be better than what you had planned.

It is a tough one but it sure is worth a try … you will not be disappointed for he is always around, always seeing, always protecting and always providing.



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24 Ramadan 2016: Be Productive

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. ― Bruce Lee

RLYou can sit on the couch all day, watch a movie (or two), have some low fat popcorn, call your favorite people, have a lovely refreshing drink, practice your Chakras, carry out your yoga and meditation moves … anything that is considered relaxation to you, you will eventually realize that it was a waste of time.

I know, I know … you think I am crazy right? You have to relax to re-charge, right?

Actually, to re-charge, you need “charge” from a positive event or accomplishment or experience, and so to re-charge, one must be productive.

Don’t get me wrong, these relaxation activities are great and are worth persuing, if in the least, to enjoy life. HOwever, it is from my experience that eventually, their impact wears out and what remains is what productive activity one took one, especially one that caters to one’s strengths and talents.

As we start the last week of the blessed month, I ask god to give us the health, wealth and spirit to keep moving, keep serving, keep organizing, keep talking, keep steady, keep … keep … keep.


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23 Ramadan 2016: What better giving than inspiration

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do. – Kobe Bryant

RLWe always hear it from others, giving is far more effective in bringing in positivity and hope in one’s life than anything else.

No therapist, exercise, retreat, shopping or whatever other mean to self satisfaction can impact one’s life the way giving does.

Typically, giving is seen in the form of charity and social work, but in fact giving doesn’t have to be further than your own home.

Give others hope … give others inspiration … give them solutions … give them options … give them something … something to make life’s challenges and tribulation feel easier.

In these blessed days, I ask god to make us keys to goodness in every aspect of our own and other people’s lives.



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22 Ramadan 2016: Gentleness for Beauty

Sometimes its not the strength but gentleness that cracks the hardest shells. – Richard Paul Evans

RLThere was a man, he was arrogant, aggressive, unjust, self-absorbed, stubborn, entitled, mean, suspicious, narcissistic, dark hearted and ugly on the inside … yet, when those who were given the task to enlighten him and make him aware of truth and his surrounding reality, they were asked to speak to him with “gentleness”.

The man is Pharaoh, and those who were given the task to speak to him are Moses and his brother Aaron.

So I got to thinking, why would they be asked to be gentle and use gentle words? The answer, is in the quote above.

So what is gentleness? How does it look like?

From various definitions, gentleness is:

  • Patience
  • Calmness
  • Restraint
  • Balance
  • Quietness
  • flexibility
  • Ease

I never thought of gentleness that way. I thought of it as cutting corners to make someone happy … but it is not.

It is being firm on the truth with beauty achieved through gentleness.

May god grant us the strength and ability to practice gentleness in different facets of our lives.


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21 Ramadan 2016: Courage

You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of instance courage, just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you something great will come of it. – Benjamin Mee


If one had a choice between courage and perseverance, I would imagine that courage trumps the card.

You see perseverance gets us through good times, bad times, challenges, opportunities, and life more generally, but what gets us to recognize these times, challenges and opportunities is courage and as a result, have wisdom in how we approach these matters.

Without courage, we succumb to irrational fears and worries that make it difficult to see what and where opportunities lie. Without courage, we might see the good times as bad or the bad times as good. Without courage, challenges take over us instead of us taking over the challenges and brushing past them.

At some point, saying yes to everything was the big thing … today, having courage is.

During these bless days, may we find the courage to hope, wish and ask god for opportunities and dreams that make us the best we can be for ourselves, our families and humanity.


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