Ramadan 2011

Ramadan 29: Individual … Society … Humanity

As we say goodbye to Ramadan 2011, we wanted to express how blessed and humbled we feel that god gave us the strength and the opportunity to share our sincere thoughts with you. To us, and as we reflected on all posts, Ramadan 2011 was about ... individual motivation and improvement, to reach societal elevation and advancement, to… Continue reading Ramadan 29: Individual … Society … Humanity

Ramadan 2011

Ramadan 23: Women Equality based on Happiness?

In their (women) quest for rights they have naturally placed emphasis on their wrongs rather than their achievements and possessions, and have retold history as a story of their long martyrdom. - Mary Ritter Beard We always thought to ourselves, if women want equality, why did they not seek equality on their own terms? Why… Continue reading Ramadan 23: Women Equality based on Happiness?