Eid 2018: What I Know About Acceptance

My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations. – Michael J. Fox

29 days later, how can we get closer to attaining acceptance?

Inner Self

  • Always link up with a higher power, for me, that is God. Linking up means that I am always thinking about how I would answer questions related to why I did or did not, why I said or did not say and accepting people as they are focusing on changing oneself to the better.

Outer Self

  • High awareness and letting go of the ego through guidance that has been passed down through generations and whatever your faith or culture, there is truth to all of it and one should not disregard it as ignorance, instead, it is in taking it into account that one realises how limited we are in knowledge.


  • Have faith that whatever happens to us or we go through is simply a test and is neither a sign of approval or disapproval nor a state of love or hate, and whatever we put our mind to, if good, will be attained sooner or later.

I ask god on this joyous day to bless us all with acceptance that is key to an abundant life full of calmness and love with assertiveness in our dealings and speech.

Happy Eid and until next year, god bless you all!


Photo by Aleksandra Boguslawska on unsplash.