29 Ramadan 2018: Salvation through Speech

The prophet (pbuh) said: It is obligatory for you to tell the truth, for truth leads to virtue and virtue leads to Paradise, and the man who continues to speak the truth and endeavours to tell the truth is eventually recorded as truthful with Allah (God), and beware of telling of a lie for telling of a lie leads to obscenity and obscenity leads to Hell-Fire, and the person who keeps telling lies and endeavours to tell a lie is recorded as a liar with Allah (God). (in Muslim)

When I looked at the sayings of the prophet, speech can be classified into;

(a) good speech;

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “He who believes in Allah (God) and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent” (in Muslim)

(b) good lies;

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “The person who (lies) in order to conciliate between people is not a liar, when he conveys good or says (something) good” (in Bukhari and Muslim)

(c) jokes;

Abu Hurayra reported that the people said, “Messenger of Allah (God), you joke with us!” He replied, “But I only speak the truth” (in Albani)

(d) advice;

The Prophet (pbuh) said, “The deen (religion) is naseehah (advice, sincerity)”
(f) Suspicion; and
The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Beware of suspicion, for suspicion amounts to the worst form of lying.” Agreed upon.

(g) Falsehood.

May we be of those who say the truth, what is good, bringing people together and giving sincere advice.

Photo by rawpixel on unsplash.