28 Ramadan 2018: Being grateful

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (PBUH) said: A grateful eater is equal to a patient fasting person.(in Ibn Majah)

Year after year, I always reflect on whether it is harder to be patient through hardship or be grateful through blessings.

According to this saying, we don’t have to suffer and be hungry in order to attain salvation, the path to salvation could very well be gratefulness. As usual however, the key question becomes, do we recognise the blessings to begin with? That is not a trivial challenge.

Some swear by daily journaling of three things they are grateful for. Some swear by recognising the blessings in contrast to specific challenges they face. Some meditate to get in touch with their areas of thankfulness. Some simply recognise the blessings.

Whichever way, as we near the end of this blessed month when all our schedules from eating to prayer and working to sleep have been completely changes, I ask god to help us recognise and be ever thankful for our blessings not only during this month but until the next Ramadan and beyond.

Photo by Gabrielle Cole on unsplash.