14 Ramadan 2018: Friends

Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway – Unknown

One of the greatest treasures that has been given to me are my friends. Some close, some far. Some family, some strangers. Some extreme givers, some more balanced.

I refer to them as treasures because like treasure, they are difficult to find, and when found, they are never taken for granted.

My friends have reminded me of god when I fell prey to life’s little nuisances. My friends have given me comfort when I felt like I could be the only one going through a tough time. My friends pitched in, in their own special

way, when I had no one else to have my back.

Overall I am thankful for my friends, my friends are means through which acceptance, in all its forms, materialises.

May god bless them, and all your friends, in this blessed month.

Photo by Nick Abrams on unsplash