13 Ramadan 2018: Repentance

Repentance means you change your mind so deeply that it changes you – Bruce Wilkinson

So far, during this blessed month, I have tried to work around and maneuver all the negatives that keep bringing us all down.

So I started out from relaxing and taking things as they go, accepting the realities, being positive, relying and thinking good of god who pre-ordained our destinies and I came to one place that I realised to be the core of everything.

I realised that we all do wrong and forget … yet when god does not immediately give us what we want, we never forget! It starts to consume our everyday and we nag, nag, and nag … and that is when I realised that acceptance is directly linked to repentance for all the things we did or said that we usually forget about either hurting ourselves or hurting others.

May god open for us all doors of repentance so we may truly accept things and not rush that which has been delayed, or delay that which has been rushed for us, and truly take things as they come.

Photo by Sabine van Straaten on unsplash