5 Ramadan 2017: Sometimes it is just a “talk” away

Talking with a friend is nothing else but thinking aloud – Jonathan Addison

From experience, I would say that a large portion of our worries and causes of despair can be significantly reduced by one small action, talking with a friend.

In the past, I have experienced times when excessive worries could have been avoided by simply getting a different perspective from someone we respect and trust to have our best interests at heart. Albeit, it takes effort to first admit that we are worried and to then be open about it with a friend without the fear of sounding naive, silly or idealistic.

While we have other means of sharing our worries through social media and alternative communication channels, none of these approaches can ever provide us with the immediate comfort and interaction needed to reduce feelings of despair if at least, to hear a voice on the other end or meet someone who can say “I understand how you might feel”.

I ask god in this blessed month to bless us with good friends who have the time to hear what we have to say and have the patience to advise us whenever we need it. Prior to that however, I ask god to give us the courage to stand up and ask others to listen.


Image courtesy of fantasista at FreeDigitalPhotos.net