2 Ramadan 2017: First step, make peace with others

Make peace with others. The only thing you can change about the past is the damage you may have done to relationships. You may need to make amends with some people and say sorry. Sometimes it feels like we have unfinished business if we leave something in a state of tension. Break the ice, admit you were wrong, and then you and the other person can let go of any bitterness and move on. Sometimes God won’t let us rest with ourselves and be at peace unless we take care of certain things. – Lisa Bedrick

Before deciding on any goal or task one must always have the prerequisites to enhance the chance of success. When thinking about despair, hopelessness or anguish, I could not help but see that unless we make peace with others, and see the best in them, we would never overcome desperation.

Making peace with others means making peace with whatever wrongdoings that “we feel” have been done to us and finding ways to forgive them. “We feel” because more often than not, it is a matter of perspective and one of the ways to overcome these past ill feelings is to think of the many reasons why someone would have said or acted a certain way. It was Jesus PBH who guided us to give 70 excuses to why others let us down or hurt us.

Make peace with others … block thoughts of negativity towards them. Do not hate, and do not resent, for these two feelings will take up so much space in your heart blocking peace *within* from truly taking over.

Make peace with others … so you can make peace with yourself.


Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net