17 Ramadan 2016: Negativity breeds Negativity

Speak good or remain silent – Prophet Muhammad PBUH

RLSome fears are justified. We have some control over them and are directly related to our actions.

There are fears however, that seem to float around us, nagging at us without truly knowing if they are justified or not. They just linger and become more or less prominent depending on places, people and situations around us.

“Everyone is losing their job” … “Robots are replacing us” … “All these graduates will not find jobs” … “Debts are increasing” … “Crime is on the rise” … “No one cares anymore” … “Social Media is so bad” … “racism is increasing” … etc etc etc

These are some examples of spreading negativity today that breed further negativity and fear.

Let me ask you this, what would telling people that everyone is losing their job accomplish? What would telling people anything that is negative and out of their control benefit them?

Artificial intelligence, recession, unemployment, crime, society … there is no way any one person can predict and plan for them. In fact, the more people talk about them, the more people fear living life in abundance and enjoying the blessings that they have while others don’t.

The truth is that …

… you have a job!

… your role is important!

… there are effective and mature graduates who plan their education journey well and find jobs!

… some people are making more money!

… crime has gone down in some areas!

… you are surrounded by people who love you!

Let us not let negativity and fear take over our lives, and let us embrace the blessings we have and cross the “bridge” when we need to … believe me, you can handle anything that comes your way!

Speak good … share happiness … give hope to both yourself and others!

… otherwise, keep silent and be thankful for you for what we have.




Image courtesy of Master Isolated Images / freedigitalphotos.net