9 Ramadan 2016: “How are you?”, Connecting while away

Invisible threads are the strongest ties.― Friedrich Nietzsche


I was traveling recently and something occurred to me, one of the things that I consistently did while traveling is to speak and connect with those who live in the city I visit. I didn’t do it purposely but something always nudged me.

I did this by simply asking, “how are you?”, “how are things”?

It could be the cab driver, the hotel employee, the coffee barista, etc… simply anyone. I have rarely been let down … in fact, even when I am let down and someone is abrupt and short, it gives me a view of the city and its people.

Why is this important?

It connects us with the world and reminds us about how small we are and how large the Universe is leading to humility, empathy, acceptance and more importantly, love … yes, love.

It makes one love the fact that the world is small and what worries someone 3,000 km away is that as what worries someone 1 meter away. It makes one love others for being normal and human. It makes one love their own destiny as they hear others’ destinies.

I have learned a lot in my travels … and while seeing the local sights and museums is important, nothing beats connecting with others like traveling.



Image courtesy of keratin / freedigitalphotos.net