11 Ramadan 2016: Before asking about your purpose

If you don’t know who you are, a university is an expensive place to find out. – A. Armstrong

RLI heard it from a scholar on a show today, before asking about what your purpose is, ask about who you are first.

Who you are is the how, when, where and circumstances of your creation.

Knowing who we are in nature illustrates for us where we stand in both the cycle of life and level of creation amongst others.

Once we know this information, our purpose, our destiny, our dreams become more easily identifiable and clear.

Man, know thyself. – Socrates

Knowing the how, when, where and circumstances of our creation opens for us new avenues to what our purpose may be and provides us with the humility to understand where we stand in the middle of it all and set goals and dreams that align with who we are.

Image courtesy of stockdevil/freedigitalphotos.net