5 Ramadan 2016: Don’t waste time … on acceptance!

Don’t waste your time chasing things that will never be beneficial to your future.― April Mae Monterrosa

timeTo make it count … we have to make EVERYTHING count! Our wealth, our health, our words, our actions and our time.

Minutes go by … hours go by … and days go by … and if we don’t stop to look around and ask what we are spending these minutes, hours and days on, I can guarantee that we are wasting time.

Let us get serious … let us take a look at where we are spending our time,

  • is it in something that benefits us?
  • will it matter next year? next 10 years? in the hereafter?

… Let us get serious for time is literally flying and each minute that passes will not come back.

One of the greatest time wasters is worrying about people – what they like or don’t like, approve or don’t approve, meant or did not mean, etc… truly, the GREATEST time waster!

If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing. – Margaret Thatcher

Clarify your goals and go out and capture everything you need to make it happen. Make your goals big and start moving. Be respectful and kind to all and let the rest go!

This Ramadan, I ask that god opens our eyes to what benefits us and opens our hearts to what we need to live a fulfilling life that benefits us both during our time on earth and time in the hereafter.

Make every minute count!



Image courtesy of sritangphoto / freedigitalphotos.net