1 Ramadan 2016: Why make it count?

What really matters is that you do what you think is right, what you believe in, and you surround yourself with the people you care about in this world. That’s what counts in this life. – Brian Dennehy


First of, Ramadan Mubarak to all!

May this Ramadan bring much needed blessings to all human beings; blessings in time as time seems to move faster, in wealth as we feel the pinch during the global recession, in health as we find out that a lot of the food we eat leads to potential illness, in spirit as we are surrounded by negative and untrue words floating around us and in safety as wars continue to break out everywhere.

This year’s theme is all about making it count, where ‘it’, is each of our own lives.

Why do we want to make it count?

  • Because life is short and we will eventually leave our loved ones on earth
  • Because living the moment is better than the worry and sadness that comes with living the past or the future
  • Because it is not how great of a life we enjoyed, but of how great of a life we served which leads to joy
  • Because making it count is making it better for ourselves and others

I am sure we will think of more reasons along the way but for now, I wish you a great Ramadan … may our daily connection bring the spirit of Ramadan to life!



Image courtesy of cooldesign / freedigitalphotos.net