What My Mother Taught Me


No matter what I do to move on from this pain, deep down inside I will always know that I’ll never get to hug my mom again. I miss you.

Life took you away from us, too young. You will always be, our hero unsung. I miss you mom.

The only reason I don’t want every child to have a mom like you, is because I know that everyone may not have the strength to lose a mother like you. I miss you.

– All quotes by those who have lost their mom from wishesmessages.com

As I said in my Eid 2015 entry,

Mom, may this all have been a source of great goodness to you who now rests with our all merciful, all loving and all powerful lord.

May we meet again mom, in the highest of heavens – I love you!

Thank god I had the chance to meet you, love you and learn from you.

Thank god I have the chance to still be the best that I can be.

What my mother taught me …

  1. Faith is Simple
  2. Be Kind for the sake of God even if you don’t get anything back in return … ever
  3. Always remember death to live – doing for this world what is needed to survive with dignity and doing for the hereafter to find eternal peace
  4. Don’t take blessings for granted, both people and things, especially those who touch our lives and hearts in so many ways … before it is too late
  5. Our purpose is to be believe and do good for the sake of god – how we do it, is our choice – no need to be like anyone else, no need for your actions to be approved by anyone else or even accept it.
  6. You don’t have to love everybody, you only have to accept them with humility, empathy and good character by knowing that no one is inferior or superior to another.
  7. Respect all … not for the sake of being loved or recognized, respect for the sake of god: calling others, visiting them, asking about their families and general well-being, congratulating them in good times and consoling them in bad, generously serving and helping them, accepting others’ apologies, giving honest advice and standing by people in their times of need.
  8. You want to do something? Do it! You want to go somewhere? Go! Worried something is impossible? Try! Feeling Helpless? Do something! Upset? Clarify! Be Positive – take action!
  9. Never go out of your way to be liked, seen or recognized, go and serve yourself, your family and live without needing others outsource when absolutely impossible to do something on your own or if it helps give hope to others.Jasmin
  10. Smile … often
  11. Have ZERO expectations and go ahead, do the generous, friendly, respectful, and compassionate thing
  12. Faith is like the roots of a tree; grounded, stable, deep and strong; with it, one is able to handle anything. With good deeds, faith is the only thing that any of us will take on the day we depart this world.
  13. Gift others
  14. Living means always being tested in life. Being tested is a test of patience and a test of faith and trust that god, the one testing us, will get us through.
  15. Communicate, communicate, communicate with the best of words … makes life more simple, harmonious, and stable. Communicate when you – love, dislike, are strong, are weak, need something or when unsure, and most importantly, say no with gentleness.
  16. Forgive others by leaving the door open, not complaining, learning from hurtful experiences and … moving on.
  17. Your worth is related to how generous you are … and generosity is not about food and drink, it is how much you benefit others and point others towards ways of goodness, both giving and accepting from others as well.
  18. If you need to use social media, use it for good: say good or say nothing at all and spread goodness or means to goodness.
  19. Only one you can trust with anything is god. Take the means, and ask for information and trust only in god.
  20. roseThere is beauty in everything, and if we can’t see it, we can make things and moments beautiful, not necessarily materially beautiful, but spiritually beautiful.
  21. Respect the young and the youth by sharing who you are with them, don’t hold back and don’t try to win their approval, just be kind yet strong.
  22. Maintain ties of kinship by keeping in touch – it is an essential element of faith
  23. Create an eternal bond, not temporary life on earth bond, with your child through faith – discovering it, sharing it and living it
  24. Always say and be a walking example of truth, honesty and integrity, no matter what people think
  25. Do things TODAY and not TOMORROW or else the best can pass you by.
  26. Have boundaries and stick to them. When none are set, resentment sets in. When too many are set, injustice towards others sets in. Set them in matters specific to you and your family that may be hurtful or harmful. Let go of all boundaries in matters that benefit yourself and others.
  27. A Woman’s role is essentially to give love, find and share hope with others – and that is true beauty.
  28. Live a story worth having. Live a story worth sharing. Live a story worthy to be deemed beautiful. That is your life, in good deeds, with clear intentions and purpose.

Images courtesy of panuruangjan, Victor Habbick, winnond / freedigitalphotos.net