24 Ramadan 2015: The Secret to an Everlasting Bond with your Children

What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it. – C.S. Lewis


A lot of parents seek to be friends with their kids.

Some try to find that friendship through rewards and consequences. Some try to find it by sharing some of their interests. Some try to find it by changing their values – sometimes to the better and unfortunately sometimes to the worse. Some try to find it by letting go of their passions and interests.

What my mom taught me AFTER her death is that friendship can only be found when both parent and child see the same truth – and that truth is faith.

While I appreciate all the love, compassion, protection, support, meals and gifts given to me, it was only when we both started to see, and more importantly share, the truth about life and about living, that we truly found the true friendship that both parents and children seek.

In fact, what bonds me to mom now, even after her death, is the process of discovery we both went through, and the love for god and for doing good that we tried to support each other in.

And while she may not be here with me, whenever I pray or do anything good for the sake of god, I always think of her and remember the first time we shared or spoke about these experiences or the first time she taught me something new or the first time I shared with her something new.

What my mom taught me is that …

the best bond one can have with their child is a bond of friendship through discovery, sharing and living, with faith



Image courtesy of digitilart / freedigitalphotos.net