21 Ramadan 2015: Beauty

Beauty is whatever gives joy. – Edna St. Vincent Millay


I couldn’t have summarized it better than the quote above, beauty was definitely a priority for mom.

Whether it is through beautiful flowers in her garden, or the lovely necklace she wore that brought out the color of her eyes, or the surprise gifts she would constantly give others, or the way she organized and decorated her home, to the big deal she made out of life milestones from weddings, a new baby, birthday, to anniversaries – she was all about beauty.

She was pretty much the first one to remember my grandparents birthdays and anniversary and the first one to be happy for others and lend a helping hand when it came to weddings. It wasn’t always taken in as such, but that was her intent, she genuinely saw beauty in these milestones.

My mom’s grandkids miss her dearly, more than anyone can imagine, why? Because she brought beauty into their lives.

If people came and visited, there was beauty in the way she prepared for their visit.

You should see the favors she prepared for our weddings, until today, I have not seen anyone be so classy, generous and beautiful.

She brought spiritual and emotional beauty to things which was quite infectious.

She also found joy in sharing beauty with others, and that spread so much love around that after she passed away, and two months later, most of the people I know underestimated the beauty she brought into their lives.

My mom taught me that …

there is beauty in everything, and if we can’t see it, we can make things and moments beautiful, not necessarily materially beautiful, but spiritually beautiful



Image courtesy of sattva / freedigitalphotos.net