17 Ramadan 2015: Be Generous and Share

Do not withhold good from those who need it, when you have the ability to help. – Proverb 3:27


Of course generosity is about sharing with others … so what is new here?

The sharing I am talking about in this post is about sharing ways of goodness and not just sharing goodness itself.

If my mom heard of an opportunity to give charity, she shared it with others.

If my mom heard of an opportunity to hear a spiritual lecture by a prominent person, she shared it with others.

If she heard of an exhibition that would benefit someone either financially or emotionally, she shared it.

If she heard of an opportunity to volunteer, she shared it … she shared everything.

Reflecting on what I have seen throughout my life, there are some who always share … but more often than not, others rarely share ways of goodness and if they do, they may do it to illustrate a personal status or image. Why not share? As always, it comes down to fear – fear that someone may become better then them or at a minimum, like them, which comes down to arrogance.

Generosity is not only about giving … it is about also leading others to giving …

My uncle, who passed away exactly a year ago (10 days from now), lived across continents and oceans from my mother and their relationship was not necessarily close, yet, my mom did not stop sending him messages and sharing with him knowledge or opportunities for helping others.

Did he respond to all that she shared? No… but I can tell you that we soon discovered after his death that the last charity he ever gave was based on information my mom gave him. Imagine that – he did good in his last days in the world and my mom got rewards that will last a lifetime.

In this post, I urge myself and others to share ways of goodness with all.

No one will take good deeds away from us for god accounts all and I ask god to give us the confidence and self-esteem to share ways of goodness with all no matter how small so that we one day benefit from spreading goodness both in life and afterlife.

My mom taught me that …

your worth is related to how generous you are … and generosity is not about food and drink, it is how much you benefit others and point others towards ways of goodness.



Image courtesy of Marco Torresin / freedigitalphotos.net