Patience when a Loved One Dies (By a 7 year old Granddaughter)

AlyaIt’s hard to live when a loved one dies,because it’s at an end on what a

kind,loving person has done to just say Alhamdurilah (thanks to god) that you saw

her and if you say ”Oh I miss him/her so much oh god bring him/her back

”that person his/her’s life will be very very sad, and its not nice at all

let me tell you how to be patient and cheer you up when a loved one dies

1.write down all the things he/she did and do it

2.dream about her/him and when you go up to god it will happen

3.say Alhamdurilah (thanks to god) you saw him/her for some of your life

4.and always remember his/her’s LOVE





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