15 Ramadan 2015: Communicate

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing. – Rollo May


Do you ever wish you said something when you didn’t?

Do you ever wish you didn’t say something when you did?

I can’t profess that I knew when mom felt either of these two, for these feelings – unless expressed – are usually within one’s heart. What I can comment on in this post are my reflections on her life when it comes to communication.

When you love … say it. For that moment could be your or the other person’s last moment and what is tougher than not loving, is loving but not saying and it then becomes too late.

When you dislike … separate the person from the action and if asked, say the truth. Say that you do not like the action and why you don’t like it. Express how it affects your faith, your self and your heart and avoid it.

When you feel strong … think before you talk, but talk. Say good or otherwise say nothing at all. Don’t use your words to hurt, bully or control people. Use your words to spread goodness.

When you feel weak or fearful … also think before you talk, but talk, only to those you trust and only to seek advice. Don’t complain, be rational and separate the emotion from the challenge and ask only those of whom you trust who have the right knowledge in that particular matter.

When you are not sure … ask. Be it other people’s actions, decisions or body language. Believe what they say and don’t challenge or second guess. Your courage to ask will in itself make a change either immediately or in the future.

When you need something … request it with words but depend on god in your heart. Remember that this person you ask is only a mean but the true doer is god and he decides if you get or not get something that you seek for your ultimate benefit.

and my biggest reflection is,

When you are unsure or feel pressured to make a decision which you did not want to make on the inside … say no with gentleness and only make decisions based on your own approval and not approval of others and make decisions based on truth and freedom and not on guilt.

My mom taught me that …

communication can make life more simple, more harmonious and more stable.




Image courtesy of digitalart / freedigitalphotos.net