14 Ramadan 2015: Living with Patience

Sometimes things aren’t clear right away. That’s where you need to be patient and persevere and see where things lead. – Mary Pierce


Patience is often seen as the ‘ability to wait for something to happen’, e.g. a new job, meeting a soul mate, birth of a child, graduation, dealing with a failed relationship, selling a losing business, curing an illness, etc…

Deeper than that, I do believe that patience is about recognizing an underlying emotion tied to ‘the something we are waiting for’.

This emotion may be confusion, feeling lost, being unsure, unclear about a future outcome, etc… which all come down to one thing, fear.

Fear of … dying, failing, poverty, injustice, loneliness, or fear of the unknown.

If we agree that

living means always being tested in life, and being tested is a test of patience with a recognition that we are fearful, then a a deep sense of trust and belief in a god, who is the one testing us, will get us through if he sees us letting go of our fears and help us stay strong on our path of patience.

Mom got her fair share of ‘moments of testing’, from health, wealth, to family and friends, and somehow, she always moved on better than us who were tested with milder challenges. She actually always made sure that no one recognized that she was being tested by never complaining and always masking what challenges she had.

Yes, there were naturally times of frustration and resentment, but overall, she was patient, patient, patient.

She didn’t complain and just moved on to another thing until her test was over.

She endured until she couldn’t endure anymore and when she couldn’t endure, she physically could not stand up any longer, which was when she left this world to the next by the mercy of god.

This Ramadan, my mom taught me …

to be patient, and it will all pass

and that is true strength.



Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / freedigitalphotos.net