13 Ramadan 2015: Gift to Others

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving. ― Amy Carmichael


Without exaggeration, there isn’t a day that passes by since my mom’s passing that I don’t use or see something my mom gave me. Boy, did she ever gift.

She gifted me, my family, her family, her friends, her extended relatives, even strangers.

She spent money on others as if she did not worry about money and she loved gifting, small and big gifts, young and old.

If she visited someone, she had something with her.

If she travelled, she bought something small for herself, her family, her neighbors.

If she travelled somewhere, she bought something small for people she expected to see, irrespective if confirmed or not.

If she heard of someone’s milestone celebration be it wedding, new born, graduation, etc… she bought a gift.

She just kept gifting.

This was one of those areas in her life that I never asked her about because of how happy she was doing it … I must admit, its impact was something I did not expect.

People, she did not even live with in the same country, kept telling me how they can’t believe how much she kept popping up in their minds as they see and use things she gifted them.

Interestingly, she also accepted gifts with generosity and kindness. If anyone gave her anything, she accepted with open arms and heart for as a friend once told me, generosity is not only about giving to others, but it is, more importantly, allowing and accepting giving from others.

What my mom taught me is that …

gifting from the heart touches people

and as our prophet said,

gift each other، to love one another.



Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / freedigitalphotos.net