12 Ramadan 2015: Be of Faith

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. ― C.S. Lewis


As I have mentioned before, and like most people, mom had her ups and downs when it came to faith but no matter where she was, she always believed – and believed quite strongly – in god, for how could she not as she always reflected on her own life and own health and personal challenges.

Most of these challenges were of no fault of her own. Most of these challenges took place in what was later admitted to be the right time and place. Most of these challenges made her a better person. Most of these challenges revealed the truth about her and led her onto a life that was worth living.

Faith is like the roots of a tree; grounded, stable, deep and strong; with it, one is able to handle anything.

Her faith was always strong. She was proud of who she was and she always considered herself of faith by choice and not be birth. By choice, and not by followship. By choice, and not by force. She believed because she was happy to believe – it was that simple.

In an age where those of faith, any faith, are surrounded by negative media and pressure to let go of faith and live a life of emptiness filled only with desires that will eventually wear out the heart, soul and of course, the body.

My mom’s life taught me that

Faith is life, and with good deeds, it is the only thing that anyone will take with them on the day they depart this world.

So be of faith – any faith – do good and do not harm – it is good for you, your family and humanity.



Image courtesy of dan / freedigitalphotos.net