9 Ramadan 2015: “Do it yourself”


Life comes down to focusing on what matters and doing things for yourself. – Unknown

RX_do it yourself_Mister GC

We live in a time where outsourcing daily tasks and needs is more common and available today to more levels of society than ever before.

Some may see it as a matter of affordability (of a service), but I believe it became so because of how our lives have changed. We value time for ourselves more than ever before as we are surrounded by long working hours, long commutes, endless social media and communication.

Having said that, it was interesting to observe that when my mom passed away, it was those who served her in one way or another, either at the bank, the local grocery store, the butcher, the carpenter, those in the fruit and vegetable market, department stores, doctor, etc… anyone she interacted with to fulfill daily needs, were truly impacted by her kind approach and strong demeanor – in other words, she was missed.

Her world felt her departure.

She never went out of her way to be liked or seen or recognized, but she simply went out to do what she needed to do to serve herself, her family and to live without needing others.

She would outsource when she knew that she absolutely could not get something done but that was on rare occasions.

It made me wonder, would the world miss me when I am gone? Forget the world, would the city I live in miss me when I am gone? Forget the city, would my neighborhood miss me when I am gone? More importantly, and sadly, would they be happy I was gone?

These are questions that truly make one reflect on the positive value we add in our society, and it doesn’t have to be in the form of volunteering or major change, it could simply be by ‘doing things for ourselves’.



Image courtesy of MisterGC / freedigitalphotos.net