8 Ramadan 2015: Positivity in Action

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. – Helen Keller


Mom was a bundle of positive energy – nothing was impossible.

You want to do something? Do it! She would say.

You want to go somewhere? Go! She would say.

Worried that something was impossible? Try! She would say.

It can actually be annoying at times especially when one truly doesn’t feel up for it. But the truth is, she was absolutely right.

Why the negativity?

Do! Go! Try!

Our time is limited here, why wait and worry? Just move and do and if we get no for an answer, we try something else. No, is not a “risk”! It is simply an answer nudging us to “try something else” which may bring us much much more than expected.

Setback? No problem – THINK of another way!

Helpless? Do something!

Worried? Get up and move!

Upset? Clarify! 

The question is though, is positivity limited to action? What about words?

I would say a bit of both but not as we typically think.

I have met a lot of people with a lot of positive words, and while this is good and has a positive effect on others, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this person is positive. It may mean that this person knows how to influence and bring others into positivity but …

the key to positivity is action.

You want to see what positive looks like?

It is definitely not complaining and beating around the bush … they are moving, doing, finishing, calling, answering, asking … not today … not tomorrow … everyday … all with a smile.

My mom was DEFINITELY positive.


Image courtesy of samarttiw / freedigitalphotos.net