7 Ramadan 2015: Respect and All its Colors

I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university. ― Albert Einstein


Less than two months after my mom’s passing I realized quickly how respectful she was to others.

Respect is typically about treating people of all levels with care for their own feelings and rights, but the respect I saw from her went a little beyond that and quite specific.

I saw her respect others by:

  • calling them when it had been long she hadn’t heard from them, irrespective of who should or should not call first;
  • visiting them when sick irrespective of how old or young they were;
  • enquiring about other people’s families and friends especially when she knew someone was worried about them;
  • hastening to give her condolences to others who have lost a loved one;
  • cooking for those she loved even when she couldn’t (and she cooked very very well);
  • helping anyone who asked her for help, no matter how small or big the request was;
  • helping with excellence, e.g. not just what they asked for, but everything around it as well and if she didn’t know, she called around and found the support or information needed to help them;
  • her home was always open to anyone who wanted to visit, no matter what the history may have been;
  • accepting anyone’s apology;
  • generously served and fed her guests, no matter who they were or what their social status was;
  • avoided confronting others and just let them be;
  • supported people’s greatest achievements and milestones no matter what she was going through;
  • she gave honest advice, whether accepted or not; and most importantly,
  • she stood by people in their time of need until they no longer needed her.

Respect, respect, respect … not for the sake of being loved or being said this person is this and that, respect for the sake of god for she didn’t necessary get recognized for it before her death – but definitely recognized after her death.

All we are as human beings is a bundle of needs and emotions – during this blessed month – I ask god to help us be a source of comfort for all.



Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot / freedigitalphotos.net