6 Ramadan 2015: Accept Others

Acceptance is not love. You love a person because he or she has lovable traits, but you accept everybody just because they’re alive and human. – Albert Ellis


I have never, in my life, seen or met someone who can tolerate so many people as my mom did. I am not talking about numbers, I am talking about temperaments, personalities and behaviors.

I often wondered why she befriended some … but it wasn’t about befriending, she accepted.

I often wondered why she was so kind to some … but it wasn’t about kindness, she accepted.

I often wondered why she was so generous … but it wasn’t about generosity, she accepted.

I was faced with this learning exactly hours after her passing as I interacted with so many people and kept wondering how she did it.

Some were clearly inline with her own temperament, personalty and character – and those were truly special relationships she had. Others were so far from her temperament, personality and character it would be shocking to anyone to know how much my mom’s passing had affected them because of how she accepted them. Others were somewhere in between.

Accepting others is not easy – a challenge I still face everyday – how does one accept others in entirety, absolute entirety?

I guess the answer could be exactly what is in the quote above, we are all human, but what is more important than that,

love and acceptance are two different things, one is absolute closeness and the other is humility, empathy, and good character.

The key is not to feel superior nor inferior, the key is to accept the other and understand that no one can make us feel one way or another, we make ourselves feel that way because of whatever fears or inner faults we have.

Acceptance is different than love, acceptance is appreciation and kind memories we leave behind when we are gone.



Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / freedigitalphotos.net