5 Ramadan 2015: Be Who You Are

What you are, and who you are should provide greater clarity about where you have been and where you are headed. Although one distinguishes spiritual from physical nature, the ultimate unification of the two is the consequence of the struggle for internal, external and eternal – peace. – T.F. Hodge


One thing mom was, she was herself.

I remember times when we would tell her, ‘mom, why do you have to do this or that’, and her answer was always, ‘I am a free woman’.

Fully understanding this did not really kick in until she was gone, and it manifested itself in the most interesting way, I was copying the way she spoke to people, the way she behaved, the way she dealt with matters etc.

But then I had an AHA moment …

What she was always trying to show is that one is free to behave and do what they want to do. There is no need to be like anyone else even though many people will not approve it, like it or even accept it.

Even the way she was with us her family and others, anyone can judge it wrong or right, but what mattered is that she saw it to be right for her, and she always did it as long as there was no intended harm, directly or indirectly, to others.

I always say that we are all here for a specific period of time, unknown to us, to fulfill a purpose.

Our purpose is to believe and do good for the sake of god.

How we do it is our choice.

Mom came and left this world – and as far as we could see, she more than fulfilled her purpose – in her own way.

She passed away believing in god and did oh so many good deeds from cooking and feeding others, to listening to others, to being humble and simple, to giving charity whenever she could, to keeping in touch with her relatives irrespective of who or where they were, refusing to talk about people and even if done by mistake she would feel oh so guilty, and standing up for what she believed to be true and right no matter who agreed or did not agree with her.

So you see, she did it her way – she was at peace with who she was – she was herself.

Now it is our turn, those of us who are still here, we need to find out who we are so that we can truly fulfill our purpose.

We don’t need to be like any one else, we only need to be ourselves, without harming anyone as much as we can, not to be accepted or liked, but to be who we were meant to be and fulfill our purpose.




Image courtesy of Mister GC / freedigitalphotos.net