20 Ramadan 2014: Normalise

Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. -Roger Crawford


Life is a series of good and bad, ease and difficulty, abundance and limitation, happiness and sadness, health and sickness … have you ever seen anything else? So if life is a cycle of changes, what does that mean? It cannot mean that it is an outcome, for if it is an outcome, why do people who do a lot of good deeds and charity face hardships? Or why do people who do bad deeds get good things? It wouldn’t seem logical. Yes, some of the outcomes are as a result of our own actions, but not all.

When looking at scholarly work in the holy book, what comes across is ‘tests’. All these states test our beliefs and values. These tests test our ability to reflect and learn until we reach a place where the cyclical change becomes the norm, recognizing and passing each test as it comes along for eternal success. How? By thanking god when good comes and using the blessings to do good … By not complaining, blaming or arguing when bad comes and seek help from god to help us through.

May god help us during this blessed month and these last few nights to have the strength to ‘normalise’ our good and bad times not feeling arrogant when I have it better than others and not feeling depressed and jealous when others have it better than me … for life is a cycle.

Image courtesy of ponsulak / FreeDigitalPhotos.net