19 Ramadan 2013: 20/20 Vision

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings … yes I am and every Ramadan seems to bring up this awesome quote that serves to explain in as few words as possible, why we (as people) are here on earth.

We all have a time on earth … but it is a time that is unknown to us. Then there is Ramadan … a time that is, contrary to that, known to all of us. As we prepare for the last third of this very short month, the third of salvation, one can’t help but look for inspiration to give our best during this limited and precious time.

This blessed month is known to be abundant in blessings, goodness, increase, generosity, peace, tranquility and forgiveness. However, there are externalities that come in to disjoint this reality or overshadow it or limit our exposure and absorption of these abundances.

Although as an example, the violence and bloodshed that continues to take place in our world todaycan make one forget about the essence of this beautiful month, it is life itself that is the biggest risk to our 20/20 vision.

We are all so busy running, planning, doing, moving, and thinking at such a high pace that our brains tend to go into a state of ‘trance’ which can overshadow our sights and reduce our ability to see truth and our destined roles in life.

In this post, we ask god to bless us all with the clarity of mind and vision to open our hearts to greatly benefit from the last 10 days of this blessed month without letting externalities get in the way of salvation and great love from the one and only majestic lord.

Image courtesy of coward_lion at FreeDigitalPhotos.net