17 Ramadan 2013: Soften

This creature softened my heart of stone. She died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity. –         Joseph Stalin

Ramadan 28

Softening the heart reduces disputes, arrogance, negativity and boosts compassion, flexibility, peace of mind, mercy and acceptance of others. In fact, having a “hard or harsh” heart not only affects others but may affect the person themselves as it manifests in physical ailments where a link between people’s psychological states to physical states is commonly discussed. Piece from Mayoclinic’s book of Alternative Medicine

In response, our prophet PBUH advised people to visit an orphan and rub their head (as a gesture of compassion and kindness) if they felt their heart becoming harsh or tough.

Some of the righteous ancestors have also been quoted to say:

“If one feels that their heart is becoming harsh, they should visit three places: hospitals (thank the blessing of health and soften the heart), prisons (thank the blessing of freedom and soften the heart) and cemetery (thank the blessing of life and soften the heart).”

We ask god, in this blessed month, to gift us with an everlasting soft heart every day and night.