14 Ramadan 2013: Make Peace

The best fighter is never angry. – Lao Tzu


Today’s post is a story we heard today…

A story about a lady who got into an accident that led to color blindness with only the ability to see black and white. The issue was not only that she lost her ability to see colors, but she was an artist known for the beautiful blending of colors. Every day she woke up feeling sorry for herself and every morning she cried and every morning she wallowed in her sorrow until one day, she woke up and decided to make peace with herself …

She decided to accept the difficulty she was now in and said to herself … what can I do with ‘black and white’? And that is when she decided to use ‘white paper’ and a ‘black pen’ to write … and she ended up being a writer sharing her reflections and experiences with the rest of the world.

In this blessed month, we ask god to give us the ability to see opportunity from difficulty, the ability to make a peace agreement with ourselves and search for optimism ignoring the difficulties of life that we all face and do not need to relive…we ask god to give us the ability to come up with a project or good deed that uses our learnings per difficulty to serve others.

Image courtesy of franky242 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net