9 Ramadan 2013: Month of ‘I’


I like solitude. It is when you truly hear and speak your natural, unadulterated mind, and out comes your most stupid self as well as your most intelligent self. It is when you realize who you are and the extents of the good and the evils which you are capable of. – Criss Jami

It is well-known that in the month of Ramadan, the month of peace, tranquility and thought, one can listen clearly to the source that drives immoral or bad thoughts and actions.

The self is a complex matter that the greatest of philosophers and religious scholars from all major religions have discussed. For the sake of this post, we shall define the self as ‘the internal mechanism within human beings that influences a person to turn to bad thoughts or actions based on internal weaknesses or what some call, diseases of the heart’. For example, the self may influence a person to bad talk someone because of the disease of ‘envy’. Or, the self may influence a person to get angry with an employee because of the disease of ‘impatience’.

On this blessed day, may this month in the third of mercy, give us direct access to the diseases of the heart when taking time out of the daily hustle and bustle of life, listening to the heart and monitoring intentions that are not considered good or beneficial to others and start on the path to recovery.

Image courtesy of soilbedust at FreeDigitalPhotos.net