7 Ramadan 2013: Underrated

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin


In this short entry, we found it worthy to revisit our life goals in order to reap benefits of this month which allows one  to internally ponder and reflect in order to take action for improvement and attainment of objectives.

Having said that, we found that in addition to having a clear goal, what was important is how well one is prepared to attain it. You see, it is without preparation that one would ultimately fail.

A good example is the one who aims to do as many good deeds as possible and dedicate their life to the help of others. As much as it is a noble thought, how could one realistically do that if financial, mental and physical requirements aren’t in place? Do they have enough money to survive? Are they sincere in their intentions? Do they have the skills and talents to meet his goal? f not, then it is what is known as wishful thinking.

On this day marking the end of the first week of Ramadan 2013, we ask ourselves to clarify our goals, seek self-motivation and more importantly, prepare, in order to increase chances of success having relied upon god for guidance and blessings of the plans.

Like all things, even good deeds need planning.

Image courtesy of hin255 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net