28 Ramadan 2012: … is Bliss?

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. – Confucius

Ramadan is known to be the month of spiritual discovery, be it through prayer, reflection, teachers or society in general. One of the things that constantly faces us before, during, and will face us after this month is … talk.

The tongue is quite an interesting organ. It has absolutely no problem blabbing away without having the necessary knowledge to back the words that it utters. Mostly controlled by emotion, the tongue is the human being’s worst enemy and biggest strength both at the same time. It can bring joy to others and can also defend those who were wronged, however, and as the focus for today’s post, it can unjustly blame someone or some society for something they have not done or simply, waste a lot of time discussing something that one has no knowledge of and hence, mislead others.

We realised after a discussion with someone dear to us today that it is often better, more just and actually easier and lighter to our hearts to just say ‘I don’t know’ when discussing a topic that we are not knowledgeable in (through facts and experience). It is better to be seen as someone who doesn’t know rather than mislead or hurt others.

May god protect us today and every other day from the ‘baselessness’ of our tongue so that through facts and experience, we elevate discussions and our minds to a place that eventually elevates society and humanity in general.

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net