18 Ramadan 2012: Life Starts …

For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be. – John Connolly

… at birth, no pun intended of course!

There is a small link between today’s post and yesterday’s in respect to how a friend can emerge as a mentor / coach. A friend of ours said: ‘When I thought back in my life I always saw that I would eventually be involved with xxx’. That immediately rang a bell in our head as we discover with you the way to sustainable inner peace. Not that we didn’t hear such statements before, but we believe that words are just like signs, they emerge when they are most needed or relevant.

The bottom-line is that statements like life starts after college, or life starts at 30, or life starts at 50, are simply not true. Life starts when we are born, and the reality is that the average life span on earth is 71 years*, and to say that life starts any time after we are born is depreciating and disconnecting a life that is closely linked and connected … from day 1.

So we ask on this blessed night, let us re-connect (narrow down) our lives again and think back as far as we can remember, what did we like to do? What did we want to do when we grow up? Who did we like to be around? What were our words like? However, instead of focusing on the functions, skills, qualities or “titles”, may be we should search for a sphere (broad) we were naturally inclined to. Was it the sphere of people? Was it the sphere of improvement? Was it the sphere of happiness? Was it the sphere of helping others? Was it the sphere of reflection? Was it the sphere of communication? Was it the sphere of discovery?

May god bless us all with clarity in order to identify how best we can achieve our life purpose within our ‘sphere of comfort’ using the skills and talents that we have.

* (UN Stat Division, Dec 2011)
Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net