7 Ramadan 2012: What is it

A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. – Thomas Carlyle


Would you say it is possible to live a life without purpose? Some say yes, especially those who perceive others to be lazy, carefree, rebellious, hesitant and/or unsure.

We believe that a purpose may not be clear or known, but that no one can live a life without purpose for, as in the quote above, one would not move anywhere and clearly … we all seem to be moving somewhere.

We believe that purpose in life is dependent on purpose assumed in all daily actions. Each trip we take, every phone conversation we have, every friendship we keep, every meal we eat, every email or FB post we send, every piece of clothing we buy or wear, etc… is basically a signpost indicating what our current life purpose is. For example, if at the root of it all, one eats to survive, works to survive, exercises to survive … then their overall life purpose is to survive. Another example, if one gives charity because it is highly respected by others, and dresses nicely because it impresses others, and exercises to look better than others … then their overall life purpose is to get approval from others. Try it yourselves and you will find that the most common ‘root’ purpose in your daily actions is ultimately, your overall purpose.

Our point? Let’s make it a good one for our lives and lives-hereafter! (Stay tuned for a future post about discovering together what it may be!)

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net