5 Ramadan 2012: It’s all about Stories

Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact. — Robert McKee

Today’s post was inspired by “grandma’s and ma’s” out there and the stories they tell. We always enjoyed hearing other people’s life stories, young or old but especially the old or those who happen to have been “exposed” to life (which we can probably have a whole post on what that could mean).

We have found that stories always have a good, a bad and an ugly and not in a single case did we see a story to be worthless. We found that listening to other people’s stories help to reflect, thank, adjust and support.

  • Reflect on the meanings and learnings of those stories;
  • Thank god for the ability to receive them;
  • Adjust our lives or character not necessarily to prevent a potentially predestined matter or tribulation, but to be as strong as we can be when and if faced with one; and
  • Support the owner of the story, whether or not we know them, in prayers to help them ease a pain (in challenge) and protect their blessings (in accomplishment).

We ask god to grant us the ability to listen to others’ stories irrespective of who, what, where and when. We also ask god to identify from them the tools necessary to smooth out the high amplitudes of challenges and tribulations, ensuring that when shared with others, we respect and try to conceal the person whose story we are sharing where benefits outweigh the risks of potential back-biting … If this is not possible, then let us remember that nothing is a coincidence and that at least, we learned from the story.

Let us also not forget that the greatest of stories can be found in the Quran itself, which was written in absolute perfection allowing to reflect differently every single time it is read.

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net