4 Ramadan 2012: Purity

A clean heart is a free heart – Mother Teresa

Having asked god to help us see the truth irrespective of our ideals in last night’s entry, we couldn’t skip over what we understand is a critical factor in making this happen, a state of purity, that is, in the heart.

As we go through life observing, listening and reflecting, we find that the need to have a pure heart comes up time and time again especially when our state of “inner peace” is shaken. This is because without purity, one cannot put aside ideals and self-built restrictive boundaries that are as a result of unexposed and unresolved “diseases” in our hearts ranging from hypocrisy, arrogance, jealousy, insecurity, etc…

We heard a scholar recently say that the way god answers our prayers when we seek specific character virtues is by exposing us to situations that force us to identify the current state of that virtue in our hearts forcing us to rectify and grow. On this blessed night, within the blessed month’s third of mercy, we ask god to mercifully give us the capability to identify diseases of our hearts, purify them and continue cleansing them until we acquire a set of good virtues.

Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net