Ramadan 29: Individual … Society … Humanity

As we say goodbye to Ramadan 2011, we wanted to express how blessed and humbled we feel that god gave us the strength and the opportunity to share our sincere thoughts with you.

To us, and as we reflected on all posts, Ramadan 2011 was about …

individual motivation and improvement,

to reach societal elevation and advancement,

to instill compassion, kindness and justice in all of humanity.

Eid Mubarak to all of you and until next time inshallah (god willing), we leave you with this thought:

“Do not rejoice the pain and suffering of others, no matter what the form or the case may be, for life is a circle and you never know the dice you will be dealt with. Instead, do your best, support fairness and justice, and depend on the almighty who does not forget.”