Ramadan 28: In All Languages of the World

Pray as if everything depended on God, and work as if everything depended upon man. – Francis J. Spellman

There are three different perspectives on prayer. Those who believe that prayer alone should be able to get you where you want to be, those who believe that only work and action gets one to where they want to be, and those who believe in the power of prayer and power of self to make dreams come true; we are of this view.

We Need Support

We don’t believe that we are meant to be alone in our struggles and pressures in life especially when fulfilling our dreams and aspirations. Friends and family may support but at some point, they also have their own struggles and pressures.

We Deserve Support

Our parents are meant to, by nature, support us when we are young / old, coasting / struggling, happy / sad, and as descendents of Adam (pbuh) who was created by god, we believe that allah is here to support us in all things ranging from the food we eat to the companies we want to build to the vacations we want to take and to the inspiration and help we need to give others etc…

We Will Get Support

Does god, who is (as extracted from his 99 holy names) the … compassionate, merciful, sovereign (king of all kings), almighty, creator, all-giving, all-knowing, all-hearing, all-seeing, just/fair, generous, wise, loving, powerful, gentle, self-sufficient, etc… not give support to those he created? That doesn’t sound logical does it?

As we embark on the last night or two of this blessed month, we ask god to accept all our prayers and to guide those who haven’t approached god yet, to do so in these blessed hours … in all languages of the world.