Ramadan 26: Salaam!

The most miserly of people are those who are stingy with their salaams (i.e., do not greet others). – Islamic Proverb by the Prophet PBUH

Websters dictionary defines stingy as … “being unwilling or showing unwillingness to share with others. It implies a lack of generosity, suggests keeping a tight grip on one’s money and possessions and spending the very smallest amount possible”

Look at the same definition from an emotional perspective … stingy people are those who are unwilling or show unwillingness to share feelings with others. They are reluctant to praise or empathise with people and usually need people to measure up to certain expectations before they express approval for them. They are usually critical of others and what others say and do not share their true thoughts. Unfortunately, they are often associated with hypocrisy and arrogance when they may not actually be that way.

Emotional stinginess breaks bonds of sisterhood, brotherhood and community … it breaks the ties of love and kinship and starts to build animosity amongst people. And so we reflected on the proverb above and thought to ourselves, what if we all greeted each other irrespective if we knew each other or not? What would happen to our communities?

We ask allah on this holy night to bless us all with good manners and confidence to express what we feel, respect others by responding to their questions and greetings, and to empathise with people no matter what religion or culture they belong to.