Ramadan 22: Reflections

I don’t try to imagine a God; it suffices to stand in awe of the structure of the world, insofar as it allows our inadequate senses to appreciate it. – Albert Einstein quotes

As we go on in our busy lives we rarely stop and look ‘up’ at the world around us to see that someone supreme and powerful created a world in such equilibrium and beauty yet can probably stop it all in a blink of an eye.

We watched a few episodes of a documentary recently called ‘Through the Wormhole’. It is one of those really scientific ones but what is unique about it is that it uses different scientific questions to deduce whether or not there is a god, fully analytical and using none of the holy books, scriptures, priests, rabbis or scholars. The results were without question affirmative, yes, there is a god or a powerful being because our universe is so calibrated, there is absolutely no way that this can happen spontaneously or out of entropy, i.e. disorder.

Here are a few thoughtful reflections we extracted from the holy book we thought we would share with you on this blessed night:

  1. The creation of the heavens (skies) and the earth both stable in position
  2. The cycle of night and day
  3. The seas which move large ships from one end of the earth to another
  4. The rain which gives life (vegetables, fruits and grass) to the earth after lifelessness
  5. The wide variety of moving creatures, animals and insects
  6. Winds which can come and go without reason and without warning
  7. The stars, which were initially used as guidance at sea and land during the night
  8. Wives and husbands who people share their living with and love even though they are strangers
  9. The natural cycle of rest during the night and work during the day
  10. Natural and fluid exchange between the sun and the moon without touching one another
  11. Strong, large mountains and flowing rivers
  12. Fruits that vary from sweet to sour, full of color to without color, small to large
  13. Vines, palm trees and corn fields which are all different yet need the same food to grow, i.e. water
  14. Different colors of the earth from desert to greenery
  15. Cattle which between blood and excretions produce pure milk
  16. Palm trees and grapes that produce both delicious treats and intoxicants, i.e. alcohol
  17. Birds that freely glide across the skies without anyone controlling them and telling them where to find food
(1-6) Chapter of Al Baqarah
(7,8) CHapter of Al An’am
(9) Chapter of Yunus
(10 – 13) Chapter of Ra’ad
(14 – 17) Chapter of Al Nahel