Ramadan 17: What is Right?

God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless. – Chester W. Nimitz

We wondered today about why some refuse to defend what is right or at least acknowledge it? We concluded that it was due to fear, fear of isolation, poverty, etc… ironically, history has shown that after much difficulty and tribulation, those who stick to the truth and to what is right are blessed with strength, love from others and more importantly, love from god.

In our thought process, what we found to be more difficult was knowing what is right to begin with. This, we have found, is becoming more difficult as we are surrounded by lots of “in-betweens”. So we asked, how would we know? We believe gut feel could be one of them. Yes, gut feel. Human beings naturally have this ability to ‘smell’ something that is not right. So we wonder, maybe we should listen to our gut, do research to gain knowledge, and then stay firm.

Another matter that came up was that we cannot stick to what is ‘right’ unless we witness what is wrong, or we are close to it, or have access to information about it since we could mistakenly judge matters and do more harm than good.

Finally, we found that sticking for what is right is best done through consistency, calmness and open-mindedness. Yes, calmness is very important as it is one of the ways to persevere and remain patient until the truth wins. So ultimately, sticking to what is right involves peace within one’s self.