Ramadan 13:We Might Give it a Try, Will You?

Find the good. It’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it. – Jesse Owens (1913-1980); American track and field athlete

Sometimes, we just have to fool ourselves … ok, not in that sense, but what if we chose to keep the good and throw the bad? What if we chose to see the possibility and not the impossibility? What if we chose the encouraging over the discouraging and live life as if everything around us … is positive?

We know what you are thinking, this is just theory … and yes, it is so far as we write this post, but what if we tried? What if we truly believed that every single person on this earth has good intentions even when they do bad things? It is like a king who decides to lock all his treasures away from people … why? Because he had a good intention to keep this for his family. Good intention … of course bad for the people, but that is besides our point today.

What if we truly kept looking for the good things and left the bad things? People are not perfect, societies are not perfect, who / what is??? What if when we see or hear of the bad, we just let it go, keep in mind for future ‘reference’ but just ignore it, not mention it and when we see or experience something good, we talk about it and share it?

Having said that, we are not saying to let go of justice and fairness … we are talking about things that are out of our control, can we look at the good and leave the bad? Difficult but is it possible? We might give it a try, will you?