Ramadan 11: Thanks

As we reflect on our and other people’s lives, we realise an important observation, the more we are thankful, the closer we get to relief, or at least we feel like we do. The less we are thankful, the tougher the challenges get to a point of forcing us to be thankful because that would be the only thing we have left to do.

To be thankful is to try to count our blessings and find that we can’t count even half of them … to be thankful is to realise that everything that happens, even if perceived to be bad, is good … to be thankful is to realise that the same blessings and talents we use to be ‘good people in this world’, could otherwise be used to hurt others. Take a talented accountant for example, they could be doing an excellent job at keeping the accounts up to date to monitor cash flows and boost transparency, but that same accountant could be using the same talent to innovatively hide information to mislead investors, shareholders or to even steal money. Could you imagine using a ‘good’ blessing or talent for something ‘bad’ for ourselves? For those around us?

As the first third of Ramadan completes its journey with us, we wanted to express our thanks to god for allowing us to witness Ramadan thus far and to have given us the ability to connect with you on this blog in order to learn and uplift our souls together.

Welcome to the second third of Ramadan 2011, the third of forgiveness.