Ramadan 8: Focus Focus Focus

When Ramadan 2011 was confirmed for Monday August 1st, we felt that people were rejoicing more than any other year as if exhaling after holding in a deep breath for the past 8 months. The world has been surrounded by so much negativity lately and it felt like people found solace, hope and relief in Ramadan. Unfortunately, negative news continues. Ramadan is a beautiful and peaceful month and all the challenges associated with it are only here for our benefit to reflect, become stronger and connect with our creator.

Having said that, Ramadan and its objectives have not changed and hence, we must focus focus focus on the aims of the month, on our prayers, on our duaa, on our charity and on helping and connecting with others. So, we wanted to share and summarise some ideas we picked up from people around us and emails that have been passed along in terms of daily recommended actions or guidance with the hope that together, we achieve our objective of leaving Ramadan stronger, more knowledgeable and at peace.


1) Morning and evening sayings/prayers, tasbeeh x 100, istighfar (forgiveness) x 100

2) Renew our Ramadan intention seeking god’s forgiveness, mercy and blessings

3) Carry out the five daily required prayers on time and read quran as much as possible

4) Dedicate prayers (duaa) to at least three aspects of our lives we would like to change (for life and life hereafter)

5) Charity even if $1 a day and consider more charity if one did something that was not in the spirit of Ramadan, e.g. gossipping or lying etc… 


1) Seek facts, authenticity, goodness and value in everything

2) Eat as healthy as possible and encouraging family members and friends to do the same

3) Ensure that the annual zakat has been paid (compulsory annual 2.5% charity on one year old liquid assets)

4) Seek opportunities where we can learn from and share our knowledge with others

5) Limit anger, gossip and bad judgement on others

6) Connect with family and friends whom we have not spoken to in a while

7) Limit watching or reading the news …Nothing will happen to us except that which is preordained