Ramadan 7: It Doesn’t Come in a Package

Success … it is all relative.

We heard an interesting talk on TED given by Alain de Botton about success; what he said rang true in our mind. We have created barriers for ourselves for fear of failure and fear that we would not be successful enough in the eyes of others. Alain explains that we cannot have it all as some therapists and philosophers like to lead people to believe. There is also no magic recipe that brings us a complete package called “success”; this is simply called, life. This in turn leads people to become depressed and lost especially when they realise the hard truth after much hard work, much worry and much loss.

In parallel to that and in the spirit of Ramadan, we heard a talk from Sh. Hamzah Yusuf who mentioned that in Ramadan, one must take the opportunity to disengage themselves from the current ‘state of madness’ that is based on the premise that ‘we must fear’, ‘we must need’ and ‘we must want’.

These insightful thoughts from two thinkers inspired today’s post as we urge, ourselves first and you, to see beyond the headlines and think, even if we don’t win them all, and even if we ‘fail’ in the eyes of others, and even if we make mistakes, it is all part of the experience of life. With dependence on god, we will change these feelings to ‘we experienced’, ‘it was not meant to be’ or, as James Cameron said… “failure is an option, fear is not” … we are OK.

Visit TED.com for Alain de Botton’s talk on Success : http://www.ted.com/talks/alain_de_botton_a_kinder_gentler_philosophy_of_success.html