Ramdan 5: Do We Really?

We had one question on our mind all day today for no clear reason, do we really love for others what we love for ourselves?

There is a hadith from our messenger the rasool pbuh that says (non-literal) that unless you love for others what you love for yourself then you will not be a true believer even with all the prayers and charity in the world. We then thought, if this was not such a big issue, why did the rasool pbuh find the need to mention it knowing that although there will be lots of takers in this world, there will be lots of doers and givers.

When analyzing this, we found that the most realistic and natural answer is competition but when reflecting, we found that there should be no reason for people to be affected by competition because, as in yesterday’s post, our livelihood is preordained. Then that leaves us with pride and the need to ‘win’. As we reflected on this too, we realized that no one will live out our destinies and no one will take real opportunities away from us.

So, as a thought, what if, and it is not an easy task, instead of competing we find a way to be genuinely supportive? And what if instead of focusing on external competition, we focus on the tasks at hand and compete with ourselves? Wouldn’t one then actually win with god, win the so-called ‘competition’ and become the best that they can be? Maybe then, we can truly love for others what we love for ourselves.